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Germany : GfK Consumer Climate  
GfK's consumer climate survey asks around 2,000 German consumers every month about their assessment of economic conditions. The questions focus on economic and income expectations and consumers' willingness to buy. Having calculated the differences between the positive and negative responses for each question the results are synthesized into a single number that reflects overall consumer expectations for the coming month.

Why Investors Care
The share of consumer spending in German GDP in 2013 was about 50 percent so any insight into household expenditure is vital to understanding how the economy as a whole is shaping up. The monthly correlation between the GfK consumer gauge and actual spending is not especially high but trends in the index can offer useful information about potential underlying developments in consumer behavior. As a forward looking indicator, the GfK index is one input used by analysts in the construction of their forecasts of future German retail sales.


GfK (Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung)

Around the final week of the reference month.

Results are reported from the perspective of the month in which the survey was conducted for the following month.


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