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China : New Yuan Loans  
Released On 6/13/2018 For May, 2018
Level [CNY billion]1180 CNY1,150 billion
Yr/Yr12.7 %12.6 %

The total of new yuan loans made by Chinese banks in May was CNY1,150 billion, down slightly from CNY1,180 billion in April. Total outstanding loans rose by 12.6 percent on the year at the end of May, little changed from 12.7 percent growth previously.

Measures of money supply growth slowed in May, with M1 increasing by 6.0 percent on the year, down from 7.2 percent in April and year-on-year growth in M0 moderating from 4.5 percent to 3.6 percent.

Data showing the sources and uses of funds of financial institutions include a measure of new loans extended in the domestic currency by Chinese banks. These are normally subject to an annual quota established by officials, with banks typically lending most of their allotted funds early in the year, meaning that there is a strong seasonal pattern in the level of new bank loans.  Why Investors Care

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