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"A week of firm evidence and soft evidence"
"Economy healthy and stable; stock market in disorder"
"Fed policy: the impenetrable darkness"
"Inflation looks to ease, consumer spending not so hot"
"FOMC update: labor strong, business investment soft"
"Jobs build speed but wage pressure not entirely there"
"GDP boosted by consumer, not housing or trade"
"'Restrictive' monetary policy injected into dialogue"
"Monetary policy and fiscal policy collide; inflation subdued"
"Fed hikes to continue; labor in short supply; bonds tumble"
"Rising rates, third-quarter slowing, and risk of recession"
"Services, housing weak; manufacturing solid; prices mixed"
"Modest-to-moderate in name only; Fed set to raise rates"
"Wage inflation and the shrinking margin for policy error"
"Positive mix: slowing growth, steady price pressures"
"Third quarter unfolds: housing down, manufacturing mixed"
"Retail mostly solid; cracks open in housing, manufacturing"
"Economy may be 'strong' but latest data not spectacular"
"Economic overheating and the risk to the Federal Reserve"
"Facing the fiscal-monetary crossroad; tariff effects build"
"Inflation on target, labor demand outstanding"
"A quality jobs report amid the drums of war"
"Inflation now at target, consumer unexpectedly softens"
"Manufacturing indications weaken; prices higher on tariffs"
"Inflation pivoting higher; oil and tariffs"
"When full employment is full employment"
"Full employment with no inflation?"
"Tariffs give manufacturing fast Q2 start, housing stumbles"
"Consumer subdued but not manufacturing"
"The unemployment lines are shrinking"
"Learning how to love an overshoot"
"Hide and seek and the missing consumer"
"A week of tariff talk and capacity stress"
"Looking for tariff effects in the latest inflation data"
"Job growth slows but still plenty of pressure and pace"
"Wage growth solid though Q1 looks soft"
"Factory sector accelerates, housing prices climb"
"Inflationary pressures hidden in the data"
"Labor surge and the elusive wage-inflation flashpoint"
"Tariffs and tax cuts, imports and inflation"
"Pressure evident but not all inflation data higher"
"Deficits and imports vs exports and inventories"
"Thoughts of inflation but are wages really improving?"
"Understated strength of a rising economy"
"A bumpy week in a strong economy"
"Economic strength that now includes core inflation"
"Labor capacity and an economy that doesn't stop"

Weekly recap of U.S. market activity and events. This weekly article reviews the U.S. equity and bond markets, followed by a table displaying changing levels in key market indexes, and commentary on the economic indicators released during the week. Simply Economics includes a Bottom Line, a synopsis describing what the activity during the week may mean for the markets going forward.
Covers important events in the equity, bond, and currency markets by geographic area through the use of charts, tables and text. Investors are provided with a view of the changing levels of Global Stock Market Indexes from week to week and as a percentage change in the current year. An Economic Scoreboard surveys economic indicators released in regions around the globe. The Bottom Line provides investors with a synopsis describing what the activity during the week may mean for the markets in the future.
This article provides a short description of the equity and bond markets during the month and indicates what the major events (earnings announcements or economic indicators) caused bond and stock prices to fluctuate over the period.