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October 10, 2018
The good news in the session is that the bond market held firm, but the not-so-good news is that stocks sold-off a big piece of their recent gains. The Dow tumbled 3.2 percent to 25,598 with the Nasdaq down an even steeper 4.1 percent to 7,422.

Treasury yields held steady and remained virtually unchanged in the week until, that is, late in the session when selling in stocks picked up speed. But the move into bonds was limited with yields moving only a few basis points lower, to 3.19 percent for the 10-year Treasury and to 2.86 percent for the 2-year.

The day's economic news is led by producer prices which, outside of climbing shipping costs, are once again subdued in sharp contrast to anecdotal reports of rising costs for inputs. And showing continued pressure are inflation expectations at the business level which are at their highest of the expansion.

Like Treasuries, the dollar was also little changed on the day, ending near 95.50 for the dollar index. Hurricane Michael, which hit the Florida panhandle today, appears to be no threat to the energy sector; oil surrendered $2 and is near $73. Gold is also steady at just under $1,200.

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